Injection Trouble Shooting
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Technical Support
High Cycle Molding
How to mold with the shortest Cycle time?
How to mold with recycle material?

Deformation Countermeasure
How to fix deformation of
Do you know new products and technology of Polyplastics?

Company News

conference was held on ASEAN TSC, which coorperated with MTEC & NSTDA for our customers.. read

Equipment at ASEAN TSC
ASEAN TSC can support to customers with many equipments ... read

Activity Update
ASEAN TSC has continual activity. Customers can follow to join here!!!


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ASEAN Technical Solution Center
Established on 2008, Grand oppenning ceremony at MTEC building NSTDA rangsit

We provided big celebrate and promoted our full functions to supporting many customers in Thailand. And we started official support to the customer about.

- Injection molding
- Fracture analysis
- Contamination analysis
- Melt flow analysis
- etc.

Polyplastics group is a one of leader in Engineering plastics. We are producing high performance plastics such as POM, PBT, PPS, LCP etc. For supporting many customers in Automotive group, House hold, Electronic gruop, OA etc.






In order to understand and recognizeour products and technologies,we have concluded thems as follows:

 Tombow Pencil: Pressurize Ball Point Pen Airpress

 Low Fuel Swelling PPS®

Injection molding
Advance Molding technology and Material data are very important to gain high precision, accuracy and quality of molded product. Each materials need a lot of informations to get a appropiate molding condition. We can provide many technical data in details follow;

  Injection molding

  Molding technology  





      FR-PET® GF-PET

High Cycle Molding

How to get the shortest cycle time for injection molding.
Read more here ...

How to get effective recycle molded part.
Read more here ...


Deformation Countermeasure
How to get a stability shape, without any warpage.
Read more here...

Injection trouble shooting
It is a main factor to get the qood quality of product. But we have to understand the cause of problem, Material data information, how to solving problem before injection molding. Polyplastics can provide knowledge about trouble shooting directly to the customer in each problem thus;